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We are scheduling our remaining 2018 Family  portrait sessions by invitation only!  If you are chosen to join us, your Experience Fee for these special sessions will be reduced for you to $100 (normally $200). You will receive a gift 5x7 print (worth $100). In exchange, we ask that you will allow us to use the images in our marketing.  We will provide all guidance about appropriate clothing and posing for all the members of your family.

We are looking for those who want a truly beautiful and unique piece of custom artwork for their home.  These photo shoots will take place on September 18th-September 25 in Thurmont, MD at the Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraits Studio.

For this portrait experience there is a required $825 minimum print order.  Our portrait prices start at $825 for a 11 x 14 inch portrait.  We know this is an investment, so we understand it is not for everyone.  We typically receive more submissions that we can possibly photograph when we do these special portraits, so please know we would pick all of you if we could.  If you do not hear back from us by Friday, September 7, then this will be our last correspondence with you.  Thank you!

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How much of a BIG DEAL is it for you to have your Family Portraits made with us?
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