Moving forward...Hello 2015

My first blog entry!  This blog is my "self-accountability" tool. My personal goal for the entirety of my life has been to fulfill whatever creative potential that I have been given.  For "a thousand years" that creativity was exhibited in the arenas of education, profession, and motherhood (wifehood, daughterhood - you know the drill.) 

Now, I have committed to delving into the artistic inklings that have always been present, just not nurtured or practiced. So...this blog is my format to think through my artistic plans, challenge myself, critique my work, identify what works and what doesn't, analyze whatever tangential topics are relevant.

I'm not expecting hordes of followers - not my purpose. However, you might find yourself to be just the person who enjoys the direction of this blog, my paintings, my photography.  In that case, welcome!  I am glad you chose to come along for the journey.

And sometime soon, I hope to figure out how to add photos to this blog!  All part of the learning process.