You Saved a Life! /Thurmont Portrait Photographer

 Say "hello" to Bob! This was Bob's first day of his new life.  He is living with  Rebecca Pearl  and her four other rescue horses. You did this! You saved his life. Here's the story of how you saved Bob.

Say "hello" to Bob! This was Bob's first day of his new life.  He is living with Rebecca Pearl and her four other rescue horses. You did this! You saved his life. Here's the story of how you saved Bob.

What's the storyline for today?  Kudos to YOU and a big announcement.

Remember when I said working with Women and Horses opened my eyes to the horse industry? (You can find those thoughts here and here.) Well, I'm doing something about what I've learned.

Bob's Backstory

Bob's grandfather, Baltic Speed, is in the Harness Racing Hall of Fame.  He made over $1.27 million as a trotter. "The Speed" retired as the third-leading lifetime money winning trotter of all time. You can imagine that owners and buyers held exceedingly high expectations for any descendants of the great horse.

Well, Bob didn't like to race. (By the way, his registered name is Baltic Speeder.  But something in my heart said, "This horse is Bob.")  And since Bob didn't want to race and didn't earn any money, he was disbursed to the auction circuit until he ended up being treated as a disposable machine.   A machine without oil changes, lube jobs and high-performance fuel. 

He WAS NOT treated as the magnificent animal he really is. He was worked until he was broken down and starving.  

If you've read those earlier posts, you know what happens next.

Bob is a beauty and a very gentle soul. In "horse height" he' stands 16.1 hands and he's only eleven years old. He's very good at gentle rides. Now, he's learning how to trust people.

On his first day, he was excited to run through his new pasture and whinny! He holds his tail up in the most regal of positions and it trails after him as a gossamer wing. 

Bob enjoys carrots and apples.

How you saved Bob's life

Ten percent of every portrait sale has been set aside for selected charities. You didn't know it, but every time you purchased a portrait you supported The Elephant Sanctuary and raised money to pay the bail to release a horse from the kill-owner. (That is just wrong on so many levels.)

The ten percent from your portrait and artwork purchases paid all of Bob's bail! 

Well done, YOU! (imagine lots of floaty hearts in this space.)

The funds are also used to support horse rescue organizations.

What's the Big News?

November is my birthday month. Yep, I'm the Turkey Baby. If my birthday doesn't fall on Thanksgiving, it's close to the magical day. Every year I choose to offer something of greater value during my month of GivingThanks.

This November, I'm going to sell the exhibition artworks that didn't find forever homes during 2017. (What can I say, it happens.) You'll have the opportunity to purchase your favorite piece(s). Twenty percent of all the sale proceeds will go to support The Elephant Sanctuary, horse rescue organizations, and rescue horses from the kill pen.


More information will be released over the coming weeks!  Want to make sure you get all the information about the GivingThanks Exhibition Purchase Event?  Add your name to the list.

Let's hit the high points:

1. Your portrait purchases saved a horse's life.  Bob thanks you.

2. November is the GivingThanks special!  Twenty Percent of proceeds from the "GivingThanks Exhibition Artwork Event" will help fund The Elephant Sanctuary and Horse Rescue Organizations.

3. Bob thanks you. I thank you. And the elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary think you're pretty darned cool!

Another week under our collective belts

As always, you can comment or leave questions below, via email, or on the Facebook page.

And please share this post. Let's make November a life changing month for some of our fellow earth walkers.

Happy Sunday!