A Pixar movie, Buddhist monk and Psychiatrist walk into an artist's brain

 It took me fifteen (15!) attempts to "get it right" for a Facebook ad.  This GREAT photo was taken by the lovely Erin Blackwell of  Erin Blackwell Studios .

It took me fifteen (15!) attempts to "get it right" for a Facebook ad.  This GREAT photo was taken by the lovely Erin Blackwell of Erin Blackwell Studios.

EEEK!!!!  Success!!!

Talk about serendipity! 

This weekend is the opening of the Pixar movie "Inside Out".  It's about how the emotions of a little girl play out in her head and the importance of each emotion.  I've not seen the movie yet.  I did hear an interview with several neuroscientists and psychiatrists who raved about the movie.  They are thrilled by the correct portrayal of emotions and the roles they play.

(OMG! I think I just did "product placement". Insert giant belly laugh here! )

And, I am experiencing some emotions now...big time!

Let's hit the backstory.

The Backstory

As you know, I am dedicated to trying out those actions that are supposed to lead to a successful art and photography business (any creative venture, for that matter). And then, I report back the effectiveness to you.

This week's adventure....Facebook ads. The photo at the top is the final result for the ad.

Briefly, the Facebook ad is about using my free guide, "5 Tools You Need to encourage folks who are just starting out in night photography to join my mailing list.

(Another product placement..ahahahaha...I'm cracking myself up here!)

I'll review the process and success of this adventure next week.  This week I want to focus on "what happens when you get what you want."

OMG! It's Working!

Within a mere two hours of the ad "going live" people started joining the mailing list. 


As I watched the numbers increase, I started to panic. I had an anxiety attack that led to an attempt to binge eat comfort food.  (Do you know how soothing sourdough pretzels and a big glass of milk can be?)

OHMYGOD, the pressure!  Who are these people?  What do they want? (well now, that was a stupid question wasn't it?)

What if I disappoint them?


Really...WHAT was I expecting? That NO ONE would respond? (What does it say about me that I was prepared to be sorely disappointed?)

What we have here is a classic "fear of success".  Who, me?  Um...yeah, that would be me.

Enter the Buddhist monk

A slight digression..."1,000 years ago" A Buddhist monk, whom I had never heard of, summoned me to meet with him. To this day I have no idea how he found me.

His first words to me were...

"Your heart is very tired. "

(I started to cry with recognition of the Truth.)

"You should come to Burma with me for a meditation tour."

And being the adventuresome sort that I am, I went to Burma. I fell in love with the country and the people - even as we were being followed by members of the military junta.

The monk gave me one of his books and I still use it for meditations.

"...Enjoy changing. Do not be afraid of changing. You may have thought you could not follow the transition, but actually, you don't have to. Do not forget that circumstances have been changed because you have been moving on." Cealo, 108 Seeds of Wisdom, (c) 2003

Well, there you have it. 

Our willingness to change and adopt new behaviors alter the reality around us.  If you apply new knowledge about marketing an art and photography business you will change the emotional and creative landscape around yourself and your creative business.

Of course, you should expect people to respond.


Here's the psychiatrist

Ever hear of "the Upper Limit" problem?

Basically, the idea is each one of our comfort zones has a "top level".  If something happens that takes us past that level, we feel so very uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable enough to self-sabotage and bring us "back down" to where we have been comfortable.

Aaaack! The comfort zone is a friggin' box...we keep ourselves boxed in because we "know the boundaries" of the box! We're "safe" in the box!  We're comfortable in the box! Aaaaaack!

I was experiencing my own Upper Limit.  I was used to my slowly growing email list.  A sudden influx of new people scared the bejesus out of me.

Hello to all you new readers! I really am so glad you are joining us. You are helping me grow and expand beyond my self-imposed boundaries.

Thank you so very much!

You can learn more about your own Upper Limit problem and how to overcome it by reading this book, "The Big Leap: Conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level" by Gay Hendricks.

Right now, I am engaging in a lot of deep breathing, acceptance...and chocolate.

I am crawling out of that box.

Let's tie this up with a pretty bow

  • I took new information (marketing using Facebook ads) and
  • altered the landscape around my art and photography business
  • encountered a successful result (more members)
  • freaked out (upper limit problem)
  • let my emotion of fear affect me (attempt to binge eat)

And this means...

We have to know how our emotions impact our business decisions, our successes, our comfort levels. We have to know when we hit that Upper Limit and start sabotaging ourselves. We have to know how to STOP the sabotage.

Being successful in a creative business is so much more than just "making good art" and applying all the "things you must do."

Being successful in a creative business requires "knowing thyself".

Being successful in an art and photography business must include the development of new emotional behaviors.

Oh mannn...that's a lot of work! 

Yes... yes it is.  And it's worth every bit of it.

Until next week! 

Anything in today's blog ring a bell for you?  Did anything surprise you? I look forward to your comments and sharing in the comments section below.  And please share on your social media.

Coming this summer...the photographic walk-about for people whose camera won't play fair!

Really, got that DSLR and still feeling mystified?  We're going to fix that. 

Watch for more information in future blog posts/emails.