If $$$ was no object? Are we asking the wrong question?

 "Money on the water: New Year Day" (c)Rebecca LaChance, 2015, Emmitsburg, MD.

"Money on the water: New Year Day" (c)Rebecca LaChance, 2015, Emmitsburg, MD.

Alan Watts Redux

I have lived long enough to give credence to the bromide, "Everything old is new again."  And, in this case, the "old that is new again" is Alan Watts and his talks.

It seems that every where I look on social media, Alan Watt's talk "What if money was no object?" is showing up. He may be more ubiquitous now than when he was alive!

In case you missed the social media blitz, here are the high points of the nearly 5 minute soundbite.

  • (the question is...)  What do you want to do with your life?
  • What makes you feel alive?
  • It's stupid to spend a long, dreary life doing what you hate for the sake of only money.
  • It's better to live a passion-filled, happy short life.
  • What do you desire?
  • How would you really enjoy spending your life?

Did you hear it?

But - buried deep within the talk, and very easy to overlook or "not hear" are Watt's words about Become a Master of It (your desire).  Heartsong is my word choice for what Watt's was describing - his "desire".

Watt's tells us that to become a Master of our heartsong we must BE with It.

The true (not-so-secret) secret of his message is BE WITH YOUR HEARTSONG. And to MASTER your heartsong is a totally different message, isn't it? It is the guide of how to live your life, to BE your unique self.

Fear and stories...

Tomes have been written about fears and their impacts on our psyches, our daily lives, our thoughts, our beliefs, our businesses, etc.  Frankly, I don't feel like writing a treatise about fear today - others have done it for me.

What I do know is most of us carry around false stories about ourselves, our talents, our gifts. Stories that grew up with us as our personal histories...stories that have been around so long they "must be true"... or at least we act as if they were true.

Stories that prevent us from Be-Ing With our heartsongs.

Stories that discourage us from the mastery of our heartsong.

Stories that make us afraid to honor our inner selves.

Stories that erode our self-concept.

Stories that question our most innate value, our self-worth.

Stories that threaten loss...of love...of acceptance...of community...of time...and yes, of money. 

And this is what I know about stories...they can be rewritten, they can be changed.

The real question is...

not about the money...what would you do if money was no object?  I think in this case "money" may just be a proxy for all our stories, our fears, unwarranted expectations or the misguided influences of others.

I think the real question is...

What would you do...if you fully trusted you were held with tender unconditional love?  *

Could you BE WITH your heartsong then? How, then, could you become a master of the song in your heart? How, then, could you share your artistic or photographic gifts with the world? How, then, would your art or photography look? How, then, could you BE your fullest self the world craves to meet?  How, then, could you BE you?

 "Abstract Seagull" (c) Rebecca LaChance, 2015.  Panama City Beach, FL.

"Abstract Seagull" (c) Rebecca LaChance, 2015.  Panama City Beach, FL.


Expect the best. Anything else is an adventure.


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