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  "A Touch of Autumn"  (c) Rebecca LaChance, 2016. Thurmont, MD.  Yes, it's in the air!

"A Touch of Autumn" (c) Rebecca LaChance, 2016. Thurmont, MD.  Yes, it's in the air!

October is coming! 

Wow, didn't September arrive only 5 minutes ago? 

October is going to be just as fast because it's jam-packed with travels, events, adventures.  Here's what you can look forward to during the coming months.

October 1-2 you can find me and my images at the Brunswick, MD, Railroad Days.  This is a very rare opportunity to see (and purchase) my work - live and in person

October 6-14 I'll be in Ponden Hall and Haworth, England, absorbing creative ideas and learning from Carolyn Mendelsohn and Miss Aniela.  Last week's blog post gave you a sneak peak into how I'm preparing for this adventure.

Round 2 - The Inspiring Photographers Series

I can't even begin to share how excited I am about this series!  Here's who you can expect to meet during the coming year.

  • A Compassion Photographer. Talk about putting your heart into your work!  You will meet her in the October 9th post.
  • A cell-phone street photographer from Iran.
  • An international wife-husband team (based in London) who share their gorgeous photos of travel and food on their blog. (You are going to love their work, what they do, and where their dreams/actions have taken them.  Dinner on the beach with Jamie Oliver, anyone?)
  • A cultural photographer (who happens to be one of my art/photography mentors).
  • A traveling photographer from Australia.  And, boy...does this guy get around!

P.S. Have any suggestions of Inspiring Photographers or Artists you would like to see added to future series?  Just drop me a line with your suggestion.

More free e-guides

Next up on the list?  How to build and nurture a successful Master Mind Group. It's in the research phase.

PhotoStories of the Heart

Yes, the updated version of the popular photography class will be going live.  The class is going to be offered on a web-teaching platform that will make it easier for you to access all the lessons. No more lost lessons due to email quibbles.


Yes, I have commissions in process but they are surprises!  You'll get to see those after the lucky recipients.

Live Business Classes - 2017

Yes, indeedy, early in the new year, I'll be collaborating with The Artist Angle and Bill Watson.

Business for Artists will be a six week course for artists developing their own sustainable creative businesses.  This is what you can expect to experience.

Week 1 - Why, How, What, Required Legalities, Mindset
Week 2 - What is Reasonable to Expect over Time
Week 3 - Determine your target client/audience
Week 4 - Let’s talk Marketing (& customer service)
Week 5 - Social Media
Week 6 - Bill Watson - Branding

Watch for more information as the time draws closer!

Holy cow!

Remember, I'm always looking for ideas of how I can help you in your art/photography and creative business.  Please send me any ideas that would be useful to you.  You can also drop me a line on the Facebook Page.

Expect the best. Anything else is an adventure.


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