Instagram Takeover - who benefits?


The Instagram Takeover

Last year Faramarz Asadollahzadeh was featured in the ongoing "Inspiring Photographer" series. As we learned in that interview, Faramarz is one of the founding members of the digital magazine, @SeeMagazine-ir.  He and his co-founders select photographers to conduct a Takeover of the magazine's Instagram account for a week at a time. 

I was offered the takeover last week.

The Logistics

I was given a singular, unique password to sign into the instagram account.  That seems pretty straight forward, kind of like "plug and play."  The only problem was, I couldn't figure out how to access the magazine's Instagram account! 

After much use of the magic search engine (aka "Google") and frantic private messages back and forth, I finally understood.  Here's the secret in case you ever get asked to do a takeover.

In your very own Instagram account, you have to scroll down through your settings (the little gear icon). Scroll to the very bottom and you'll find a "+" sign to add another account.  In this case, I had to add the email address for @seemagazine-ir.  Voila! A password box opens. Enter your assigned password and for the next week (or whatever the length of your takeover) your instagram account becomes the "takeover account."

The experience

Faramarz had asked me to post some of my portraits because many previous photographers had posted landscapes and conceptual images. 

(You know about the nipple policy on Instagram, right?  Female nipples are not allowed, so artists who feature nudes have to do silly things like paste "stars" over nipples.  Some clever photographer had shown a nude that was nearly obscured by "fogginess" and the only thing identifiable was a single nipple!  I don't know how that image got through, but it did give me a chuckle.)

Well, heck yeah, I'd be happy to post some of my portraits.

I'll admit, it was kind of thrilling to see people all over the world "liking" and "commenting" my posts.  I also noticed the numbers of people who started following the magazine were enormous!  It wasn't uncommon to see blocks of 30 or 40 people begin following the account.  

However, all those new followers?  They were following the magazine's Instagram account - not mine. My conceit did lead me to question if those new followers would be disappointed that my takeover was only for one week.

The Takeaway from the Takeover

1.  Sponsoring a takeover could lead to a large increase in one's followers.  But again, I would be asking myself if those new followers would be disappointed not to see the work of the special guest on a regular basis.  I'm still not sure how to think about this.

2. It was a grand boost to see that people all over the world appreciate my work.

3. And you never know...sometime in the near future, someone may contact me and say, "Hey, I saw your work on @seemagazine-ir. I'd like you to do my portrait. Can I fly you and your team to Fiji for a week?"

Yes. Yes, you can. (Ahahahahahahahaha!)

Have a great week!

P.S. I do have a few openings in the studio schedule during the next weeks.  Let's talk about scheduling a portrait session for you.