Ode to Moms with Backpacks

 "Grandpa and the girls feeding the ducks." (c) 2018, Rebecca LaChance. San Antonio, TX

"Grandpa and the girls feeding the ducks." (c) 2018, Rebecca LaChance. San Antonio, TX

Click, stop, think...

Photography can "call out one moment" - a moment that makes you stop and ponder. Often, the photographer is the first to see that moment. As the photographer in this moment, my inner vision was touched by Dad and his Daughter as bookends to the tiny granddaughters. At that moment, thoughts of family stories and futures, histories, potentials, and unknowns hop-scotched through my brain.

 And then, I stopped. 

The backpack, the ubiquitous backpack...the harbinger of a mother's predictive powers, the portable poke of preparedness. (Poke - an old-fashioned word meaning bag/sack.) Who knew a simple construction of cloth, plastic, and metal, carrying bits of order to hinder the approach of chaos, would become the badge of motherhood?

How long does a mother carry a backpack for her children? 

  • Until the child can carry his own trappings?
  • Until the child learns how to predict the approach of chaos?
  • Until the child efficiently prepares for a life of order and accountability?

I have no doubts that a mother carries the backpack during the entire life of her child. The backpack becomes unseen over the years. Yet, it continues to exert pressure on her shoulders. Sometimes, the mystical backpack is lighter; sometimes, it is heavier.

And still, she moves ever forward, holding back the chaos as best she can. The backpack becomes her own preparation against chaos.

To be a mother is to be a living mystery. A mother lives in a truth that is unknown, puzzling, curious, unsettling, grace-filled, speculative, heart-warming, and sometimes, heartbreaking.

All mothers wear backpacks.

Your backpack

What backpack does your mother carry for you?

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