Rough Days


But, it is what it is...

and I do what I can.

All kinds of thoughts rumbled through my head this week about relevant blog posts. I could have written about the extensive list of books I'm reading right now.  Who knew that reading about Navy Seals would yield business information?  Or what about C.S. Lewis' retelling the myth of Cupid and Psyche?

No, not happening this week.

I could talk about the interesting revelations I've experienced as people share their "assumptions" about me and my work.  More than anything, I must be consistent in behavior because they all pretty much said the same things. 


I had planned to write about the current experience of doing an Instagram Takeover for @seemagazine_ir. 

Nope, don't have the energy for any of that.

No...I'm wiped out because I'm back in the savannah this week with all my zebra friends. If you've not read it before, you can find out about being a zebra here. 

Until next week...may you be happy, healthy and as productive as you want to be.