September Events - Two Rebeccas


Women and Horses

Rebecca Pearl is an icon in the Frederick County art community, known for her memory-filled watercolor paintings. She is also a passionate advocate for horses, specifically rescue horses. Currently, four rescued horses share her land and her heart.  She graciously invited me to participate in her month long exhibit as a guest artist.

(Can we just take a moment and talk about how graceful Rebecca was to invite me to participate in her show?  How often do we hear about one artist offering exhibition space to another artist? So. Incredibly. Gracious.)

You may have seen a few of my recent "behind the scenes" postings of women and horses. I've been building a bit of repertoire. Selections from those photo sessions will be included in the exhibition.

The message of Women and Horses

This exhibition isn't just about a collection of art pieces created by two women who like horses. (Well, there is that...)

No, there is a purpose behind this event. Pearl will be sharing information about the life of a horse and why rescue organizations are so important. You can read what I've learned about the life of many horses, here.

Personal strength, growth, grit, and love are some of the virtues I've seen while working on this project. The connections and stories between the women and horses have often brought me to the edge of tears. I sincerely hope that anyone who views the resulting art will recognize the emotions.  A portion of the sale proceeds from my exhibition images will be donated to local horse rescue organizations.

(We're using art to make a small part of our world better.)

Another date night idea

 Yes, I'll have a few pieces hanging during this community art show as well!

Yes, I'll have a few pieces hanging during this community art show as well!

Do you live around Frederick, MD? Plan on visiting Frederick during the month of September? Having out-of-town guests and need some activities to share? 

Here's another option. Treat yourself and your guests to one or both of the exhibitions.  The Frederick art community is strong and talented. You might find yourself purchasing some new wall art. Build your art collection!

I look forward to seeing you Saturday, September 2 and Saturday, September 9. Bring your friends!

P.S. Make sure you view the eclipse safely!