The Exhibition is Open!

Where:  Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, 8420 Gas House Pike, Frederick, MD.

When:  January 4, 2016 through February 29, 2016

To visit:  Call Wendy Errera at 301-662-4164

Excitement and Gratitude

I am so very grateful to be selected as the first artist for the 2016 Chamber of Commerce Partnership with local artists.

I also wish to express my gratitude to Carlos Fyfe, the Paper Whisperer, and Jennifer Finley, owner of The Artists Angle and Master Framer.  Their collaborations helped to produce the final art pieces for the exhibition.

And, let's not forget The Hubster who helped me hang the exhibition.  I was chest-deep into my winter cold and was physically incapable of hanging five 30 x 20 inch prints. Matted and framed, they measure 40 x 30 inches.  Too heavy for my cough-wracked breathing!


Three themes play out through this series of award-winning photos selected for this exhibition;

  1. Frederick County history with tension between old and new,
  2. light and dark,
  3. seeing deeply versus at-a-glance.

Frederick County is an old county, originally created in 1748.  It's verdant, rolling hills were perfect for farming, dairy farms and horse farms. (Is "horse farm" the correct term?)

Each of the three farm-related photos reflect that history...and encroachment of our modern need to hurry and "move-along".  The photos were taken along a 15 mile stretch of a major Maryland highway. 

The highway is off-camera front of "Hayroll in the Morning MIst".  The same highway can be see behind "Horse Friends at Sunrise."  And, finally, the highway sits above the valley seen in "Farm Rise after the Rains".  All three photos share a beauty that is unrecognized - perhaps unseen - by tens-of-thousands drivers on a daily basis.

What is missing in our lives, our hearts, our souls, if we can't afford the time to see the beauty around us?

"Sunrise Creeps to the Edge of Gravity" is another example of tensions between old and new as seen in downtown.  The mural (William Cochran, 1991, "Angels in the Architecture) is inspired by Frederick's colonial history. It butts against a reminder of the economic changes occurring in the historic downtown area.

Light and timing of that light play the major role in my photography. I specialize in early morning twilight (thanks to my insomnia).  

There is something deeply spiritual, and peaceful in capturing the light of a new beginning...

  • feeling the presence of that unifying rhythm...
  • from dark to light...
  • from light to dark...
  • the playful dance of colors.

It is a great privilege to see the world awakening to new potential every day.  It is an honor to document the rhythmic essence that surrounds us.

To see deeply requires "a moment".  A moment to breathe into the subject... A moment to let the eyes wander...  A moment to let the brain absorb the vision... A moment to let the subject whisper to you... A moment to marvel... A moment to feel.

And then...a moment (or three) to think.

Size does matter

Five of these photographic prints are 40 x 30 inches, complete with matting and framing. (The other three measure in the 17 x 22 inches range) . There are many reasons to choose larger sized photographs. The obvious reason is to have a photograph that is proportional to your viewing space.  These larger photos were selected specially for the Chamber of Commerce members - the photos are perfect for the large walls in commercial spaces.

A second reason for larger photos is to open up the detail within the photograph.  A small 8 x 10 inch print does not allow for the full exposition of

  1. the grasses in the hay roll,
  2. the name on the Parisian restaurant,
  3. the leaves scattered at the bottom of the Edge of Gravity,
  4. the highway behind the horses,
  5. the seagulls against the surf,
  6. the veins within the petals of the iris,
  7. the massive size of the oak tree,
  8. the clarity of the white silo.

Artistically, a larger print is preferable to convey the full message and beauty.

The Purpose(s) of an Exhibition

You might think the primary purpose of an exhibition is to sell one's artwork.  And, I will admit, that is a desirable outcome!

But what if an exhibition of your artworks had other purposes - or results?

  • What if your art touched someone's heart? 
  • What if your art opened someone's mind to the importance of art in the community? 
  • What if your art opened the path to new and fulfilling relationships?
  • What if your art inspired someone to follow his/her own creative path?
  • What if your art inspired action for a specific need?

So many possibilities exist in a single exhibition of your work.

Available for purchase

These photos are available for purchase.  Contact me to discuss your preference.

And...if you are interested in taking part in my "Live" photography workshop in the spring add your name to this list.  You will be notified about the workshop as details are confirmed.

Until next week...

Give Wendy a call to schedule your viewing of the exhibition! She'll be thrilled to hear from you.

Expect the best. Anything else is an adventure!


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