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 "Grace and Grit: Boots in the stable." (c) 2017 Rebecca LaChance, Thurmont, MD

"Grace and Grit: Boots in the stable." (c) 2017 Rebecca LaChance, Thurmont, MD

        "In riding a horse, we borrow freedom." - Alice Walker                                         

The Horse World Expo

Last weekend, the Hubster and I drove to The Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, PA. It's a four-day event with horses, riders, trainers, horse lovers, and vendors for all things equine.  

It's HUGE!

Horse lovers from Maine to Florida gather for this expo.

We went to watch the “Rescued to Stardom” finals. The horses were all rescues and unbroken. Their trainers had about 45 days to bring the horses to their best trusting, riding selves. The purpose of training these rescued beauties was to prepare them for adoption to loving forever homes.

It was an eye-opening and heartwarming event.

One trainer had established enough trust with his horse that she laid down on the ground and put her head in his lap. The young trainer reminded me of the 4-H participant that just realized the steer he bonded with over many months was going to leave him. The young man's voice cracked over his microphone as he shared with the filled stadium how hard the horse had worked and she now had multiple offers of adoption.  When he left the ring, I watched him bury his face in her neck as his body shook with sobs. (I may have been sobbing along with him.)

I was most impressed by the young woman who pulled her horse (a gorgeous paint) from the competition when she realized he was experiencing pain. The horse's comfort and safety were more important to her than "putting on a good show" for the stadium folks. I have great respect for this trainer.

Small town, big hearts

And the most striking piece of information from the expo?

Our town, Thurmont, was the home for several of the rescue organizations and several of the trainers! We were amazed to see how prominently Thurmont was represented in rescue work. This big-heartedness by so many citizens of our small town was a surprise. 

How you can help the rescue efforts

Of course, you can always donate to the local horse rescue organizations. You would become royalty in the hearts of the owners. 

Did you know that some of the rescue organizations love it when you come out and help them work the stalls and groom the horses?  Even work done from the heart can be tiring and a little help is always appreciated. Give them a call to see how you can help.

What if you're not the outdoor type, or afraid of large animals? 

I have the answer for you!

Proceeds from portrait sales are allocated to the rescue of horses. In 2017, the clients of Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraiture saved two gorgeous horses from the kill pen via their portrait purchases. My goal for 2018 is to rescue a minimum of 6 horses. I am proud and honored that proceeds from my studio contribute to this great, honorable work of so many others in Thurmont - rescuing horses.

Need a portrait?

Want to help rescue horses?

Call me to book your portrait.

(Hint, hint: Mother's Day is coming up! Surprise Mom with a beautiful family portrait.)

Here's that number to schedule your portrait session  240-203-7794. 

You can help a horse go to a safe and 💖loving💖 home.

Do you know someone who would love to help rescue horses? Share this blog post with them. It's a good thing!