The Missing Photographer

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"In the fog" (c) 2017, Rebecca LaChance, Cushing, Maine. This might be a depiction of my groundings over the past few months.

The Story of the Missing Photographer

Yes, I've been "radio silent" for a bit.  And I thank all of you that sent regards and questions about that silence.

Here's the very short story.

I had surgery for endometrial cancer.  The good news is, it was caught very early and the surgery was curative.  The offending cells were caught so early that no chemotherapy or radiation therapy is required.

However, the prelude leading up to the surgery was quite stressful in the attempt to maintain some control of my own body.  In the end, the surgeon said, "You were right. You made me look at things differently." (I have to respect a surgeon who can say those words.)

I am writing a bit longer essay about the entire traumatic experience that will be available upon request.  The information includes observations, experiences, and research conducted throughout this "journey".  If you are interested in learning the actions I used to maintain control of my own health, drop me a private message or email and I'll connect you to the link.

(While the information is specific to women's health issues, the principles are relevant for any person facing a health crisis.)

In other news...a new studio

And Mother Nature added to the adventures by flooding my studio almost continually for 2 weeks.  Truthfully, I think the flooding was the more vexing of the two events!

A new studio is on the horizon.  I'm hoping the timing to open the new studio and reach full post-operative recovery occur simultaneously.

Again, I am filled with gratitude for all your questions, your love and your concern, 

I am one lucky woman!

Kind words

Just.... WOW. The artwork Rebecca creates is like nothing else. Her incredible vision and creativity is so unique. I highly recommend her for artistic portraits you just can't get anywhere else. 5 stars! - Gina Widmark Sanders