The Photographer's blessing

                      Christmas gifts to myself. (all copyrighted, 2017, Rebecca LaChance, Thurmont, MD.)

                    Christmas gifts to myself. (all copyrighted, 2017, Rebecca LaChance, Thurmont, MD.)

The most refreshing benefit of creating Christmas/Santa portraits was reconnecting with my inner three-year-old. I sat behind the camera and just soaked up the excitement of each child.  My heart filled, a smile eased across my face and a glow of magic warmed my being.

I'm convinced "my" Santa is the real deal - the original Mr. Claus, the ancient and caring bishop, St. Nicholas. He treated each child with the utmost respect. He connected with the magic of each little boy or girl.

As I watched each child with Santa, I was wrapped in the wisdom of little hearts and minds. Their little hearts were open to all possibilities. Their young minds were active without fear, prejudice, or cynicism.

The best part to watch? Not one child was interested in acquiring presents. They were thrilled just to be in the presence of Santa. (Cookies may have been influential. Ahahahahahaha!)

The Precious Gift

And this is the year I realized...I "heard the angels sing."

  • Each giggle,
  • soft voice,
  • excited squeal,
  • each story that was read,
  • each whispered question, and
  • the rapt attention of eager little souls touched me.

I was graced by these little sprites reminding me what joy looks like and feels like.

The Magic with Santa experiences reconnected me with something I've missed for many, many years - the Christmas Spirit. 

I'm pretty sure I'll offer the Magic with Santa Experience again next year. (Psst! but don't tell anyone it's for me, too!)

Hope all your holiday preparations are easy and filled with joy. 

Blessings to you all.