Tidbits - What I learned this week

 Tidbits (c) Rebecca LaChance 2016 Thurmont, MD

Tidbits (c) Rebecca LaChance 2016 Thurmont, MD

Are you familiar with Tidbits? No? Well, Tidbits is a feature that shows up from time to time and I highlight something new I've learned.  This week I took on one of my self-induced photography fears...


After all these years, I've decided to push my comfort zone and add 0n-camera and Off-camera flash to my repertoire.  I've had that Nikon SB700 speedlight for about five years - just sitting in my equipment drawer.

And I can't really come up with a reason that I haven't used flash.  It just seemed confusing...and...equipment intensive.  Several flashguns, pocket wizards, beauty dishes, reflectors, battery packs, umbrellas, grids, barndoors, softboxes...oh my!

And the teacher comes...

You know the saying"when you're ready the teacher will come?"  Well, I must be ready because I've found a photographer-teacher who has made understanding and using flash a breeze! In that mysterious way that makes a great story, the fellow's name showed up about six times in one week.  The topper?  I received an invitation from him to join his new Facebook Group!

How did THAT happen?  I have no idea.

By this time, accepting his Facebook Group invitation seemed the logical thing to do.  Immediately, I saw images shared by other members that were quite lovely with great lighting.  And nearly every person commented they had learned so much from this photographer's books and his videos scattered across the web.

Who is this magical teacher?

Neil van Niekerk

Consultations with the Oracle of Google, Youtube, Craftsy, BH Photovideo, and finally, Amazon convinced me van Niekerk has great information to share.  I bought two of his books from Amazon; On Camera Flash and Off Camera Flash.

The books were easy to read and easy to implement. If you're interested in advancing with your flash lighting, I strongly recommend Neil van Niekerk as your guide.

New experiments

 A large monochrome print from a film image, two new books about Japanese painting...what will come of this?

A large monochrome print from a film image, two new books about Japanese painting...what will come of this?

Two new books arrived this week. (Yes, Amazon Prime is my friend.) I'm learning about the principles of Japanese painting and Sumi-e.  Can I translate the eye-hand painting and the principles into my photography? 

Experiment time! Adventure time! Pushing comfort zone time! Creative juices are flowing...

And something new for you

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And until the next time

I'm going to be out and about dancing.  How about you?  Sweet Friends, get out there and have some fun!

Expect the best. Anything else is an adventure.


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