Introducing Emma Wilson, Videographer

I am so darned excited today!  A while back I sent out a survey asking what information would be of use to you in promoting your art and photography businesses.  Several of you asked for information about making videos.

So...I contacted the best videographer I know...Emma Wilson. She graciously agreed to do two articles for us.  The first is her introduction below. In the second article, Emma will answer your questions about how to use video in your business. 

Just leave your questions in the comment section below, or send them to me via email

*Note there is a link to an introductory film made by Emma about how to make your videos look professional - even when using your smart phones.  Don't miss it!

Now, I'll turn this page over to Emma!


Hi there,

My name is Emma and I own and run Story of Your Day, a boutique film company in the UK.


At the moment I make wedding films, family films and video biographies for peoples' About Me pages on their websites.

In my other life I also offer mentoring, primarily to other female videographers in the film industry.

This relatively new venture has come about from a love of teaching, which goes back to when I was in my late teens and I wanted to become a primary school teacher.

In the end, my passion for working with children translated into working in Childrens' TV for the BBC...

And from there, I ended up studying journalism and working in current affairs programming and news. 

In fact, I am still working at the BBC as I write, as a Newsreader and Video Journalist for Look North, which is a regional newsroom.


But this will all end soon as I concentrate on my business and my desire to fulfill my purpose in life:

To help others bring out the best in themselves.

During my time at the BBC I have worked for the College of Journalism with new recruits, training new VJ’s camera and edit skills. I also lecture at a local college, inspiring students (I hope) to become journalists.

One of my students from a few years ago, Sophie Kitching, stood out from the start. She shadowed me for two years every single Sunday, coming out filming with me and then observing me in the newsroom and while I read the news.

She was my protege and I am so proud of her.

She graduated with a First Class Honours Degree and now works for a regional newspaper carving out her very own career in journalism.

So I’m here to help you, thank’s to Rebecca’s invite.

I hope I can help you with the basics of making little films and Vlogging, which after all is the future.

Video Drives Traffic.

Here’s a little Vlog post I made recently after learning that many women I know in a Facebook Group who are keen to embrace all the latest technologies.

Hopefully this link will help you get started.

Now it’s over to you.

What is it you need from me?

Send your questions

I am very grateful to Emma for making this offer to all my friends, colleagues, readers, and Facebook followers.

Send me any questions you have about using videos in your art and photography business and I'll forward them to Emma. 

Additionally, if you have any questions about Emma's mentoring program, send them to me and they'll find their way to her.

The July newsletter will go out this week with all the information about the September 19th, Photo Walk-About.  If you want more information you can click the link below!