The Inspiring Photographer Series - Erin Blackwell

I am so pleased to introduce Erin Blackwell to you.  Erin moved from Denver to Boise and proved all the "conventional" wisdom to be wrong about moving a photography business. 

She was told that beauty/boudoir photography wouldn't sell in Boise. She was told no one would pay her fees. Erin did not listen to the "conventional wisdom" and carried on.  Not only has she broken all her sales records, she started a group for other women photographers!

How good is Erin? Well...she is the photographer that can get me on a plane.  She does all my professional head shots and when I need new ones, I'll be flying to Boise!  Here's Erin.

Erin, what would you like to be known for?

Erin Blackwell of Erin Blackwell Photography. Boise, Idaho. Photo credit to Nikki Closser.  All photos supplied by Erin Blackwell.

Erin Blackwell of Erin Blackwell Photography. Boise, Idaho. Photo credit to Nikki Closser.  All photos supplied by Erin Blackwell.

I'd like to be known for creating beautiful portraits that bring out emotion in both the viewer and the subject. To me, the best feeling in the world is when a woman sees her portraits for the first time and then watch her realize she is beautiful. And the greatest compliment I can receive from someone viewing a portrait of their friend or family member is, "You really captured who she is!"

It's easy to take a pretty picture, but to capture the essence of someone, that is really what I strive for in my portraits.

How did you develop as a photographer?

I was so very lucky when I started out to have some AMAZING photographers who were willing to share their advice and expertise with me. I also was very determined to learn quickly and taught myself everything I could find online from Photoshop to posing to marketing. I love to learn and am constantly furthering my photography education. Probably the desire to never stop learning is what developed my skills more than anything else.

photo credit:  Erin Blackwell

photo credit:  Erin Blackwell

Do you have a philosophy of photography/art? How does that influence your photos?

My philosophy is “connect with my client first and foremost”. If I can connect with her and make
her feel that she is in a comfortable and loving space, the magic happens! My clients become
my friends and it is a joy to be able to say that!

Has photography opened you to new/different adventures? Into what new areas?

Photography has been a gateway for me into writing, speaking, coaching and more! Because I
was so generously taught by some key mentors when I started out, it was always my goal to
pass that onto other photographers. I love helping new photographers reach their goals and
build their business. Because of what I photograph, I also have a HUGE passion for speaking to
women about their inner beauty and worth.

photo credit:  Erin Blackwell Photography

photo credit:  Erin Blackwell Photography

What makes you “feel” a photograph? How do you translate that “feel” into the picture?

Connecting. It may sound bizarre to connect with a photo, but it is possible. If you can look at a
photo and feel what the subject is feeling, or feel like you know what type of human being they
are, then you have connected with a photo. And the way I translate that into the picture is by
getting to know my subjects and connecting with them on a deeper level than "client" and
"photographer" before their shoot takes place.
Re: your favorite photos…what makes them special to you?
It's all about the connection!! When I see my favorite photos, I see the circumstances that
brought that client to me, who she is as a person and the amazing time we had together

photo credit: Erin Blackwell Photography

photo credit: Erin Blackwell Photography

What has your photography taught you about yourself? And the world around you?

Photography is such a gift to me. I am not an
outgoing person by nature. Photography
has taught me to get out of my comfort zone
and meet new people. It's taught me that EVERYONE struggles with self-love and worth. It's taught me that making a woman feel beautiful can literally change how she exists in the world. It's taught me most of all that connecting with someone and showing them love will cause them to flourish.


Are you involved in any projects? What do you hope to get from the

I run my Beauty Challenge, 28 Days to Gorgeous in May. I created this challenge a few years ago after seeing that every woman struggles with body issues and self love. Like I said, the best feeling is seeing a woman realize she is beautiful and although I can't photograph every woman in the world, I did want to spread that feeling as far and wide as possible. So 28 Days to Gorgeous was designed to help women see the beauty in themselves and the world around them and rewire their brains to be kinder to themselves! It is fun, free and transformative and I love doing it along with all of the ladies who sign up!

And, even more!

Since I conducted the initial interview with Erin, she added two more "arrows in her photography quiver". Erin is the founding member of The Boise Photo Betties - a photography group for women in Boise, Idaho. The group started small with 5 or 6 members and has grown to nearly 200 members.

Erin has also started a lifestyle blog, along with her photography work and mentoring.

Erin Blackwell is a women's portrait photographer in the Boise, Idaho and Denver, CO areas. She is
also a mother of 4, wife, photography mentor and speaker.  You can follow Erin at...

Her website:

FB pages: and

Instagram: @erinblackwellstudio and @myprivateidahome
phone: 720.202.2203
Erin Blackwell
Beautiful photos for fun-loving people!


May the end of your August and the beginning of your September be happy, filled with love and abundance.

Expect the best. Anything else is an adventure


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