If you're looking for that mentor who promises you a "6 figure business" - I am NOT that person!

I believe in honest work, honest information, and honoring each person's chosen path.  Frankly, those "follow my method and grow a 6 figure business" ads turn my stomach.


If you're wondering what your first steps should be to start your creative business?

If you're ready to take the next step in your creative business, if you know you’re not attracting the right buyers, if you’re sales aren’t where you want them to be, THIS call will help you find answers and steps to action. You’ll have two hours with me to go over anything that's not working for you in your business.

In this two hour phone call you will get depth you need to move your art & photography business forward.  Why? Because we will work together to explore what is holding you back from your success.  Every minute of your two hours is directed towards your unique gifts and your unique skills. And you'll finish the call with specific action steps to move your creative business forward.

I will start by sending you a questionnaire to get to know you, your goals and your business. Then we'll meet online via Skype for 2 hours of intense, focused goal planning and business building. Don't have Skype?  (It's free to download and use.)  That's okay - we can talk via phone.

At the end of this call you will have a clear vision about your next steps, plus actions to move your business forward.