Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paper do you use for prints?

The members of our team are real sticklers for producing fine art prints that will become legacies in your family - prints that can be handed down for generations.  When we prepare a print for a customer, we offer only the best.  All fine art prints are matted and framed with archival products.

Carlos, the printer (I call him the "Paper Whisperer") uses 100% archival cotton rag.  We choose this particular paper because the cotton paper provides a depth of color and intensity that enhances every print.  Each print becomes a work of fine art.

We do not use the plastic coated papers that seem to be standard amongst many printers Those plastic coatings result in layers of ink laying on top of the plastic coatings.  Prints made in this manner lack the depth and intensity of color seen in a cotton rag print.

How do I choose the best size print for my wall space?

Great question!  Use the photo below to compare the different sizes of prints available.  Please note: The sizes represent the PRINT ONLY.  Appropriate framing will add to the size (and weight) of the photo.  All of our framed prints are supplied with the correct size of hangers for the weight of the picture.  You can hang your large, framed print without fear of it falling.

If you're still not sure about what size will look good on your wall, drop me an email (  and I'll be happy to walk you through the process.  It's the perfect way to find out which size print will be shown to its best in your home.