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“I am thankful for…”

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Remember your 6th Grade Teacher? She’s the one who encouraged you to read as much as you wanted. Today, your life is filled with endless possibilities because you followed her guidance.

Oh, and remember how your girlfriends rallied around you during your crisis? They sustained you and helped you heal.

Or, what about your spouse who personifies “love in action”? Yes, that’s worth being thankful, isn’t it.

The Gift of Gratitude

You can nominate that special someone who you want to thank for their love, support, guidance.

One lucky nominee will be selected for a $1500 portrait experience conducted by Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraits.

Here’s how to show someone you’re grateful for them.

Fill out the application entry. Make sure you tell us the story (in a mini-essay) of how this person influenced you. We want to know what this person’s kindness did for you.

One lucky person will be selected for the $1500 portrait experience. They will receive the One Artwork in the world created from your gift of gratitude.

Five (5) runners-up will be selected to receive a $500 Gift Card towards a portrait experience in the studio.

And, all the people who nominate someone will receive a $400 Gift Card towards a portrait experience in the studio. (I mean, after all, you had to do the work of writing that mini-essay. That’s worth some serious acknowledgement!

You can nominate your special person here.

And, just think, someone will love themselves a little more thanks to you.

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Please tell us why this person should receive the $1500 portrait experience. What did they do to change your life? How have they inspired you? What about them makes you grateful to have them in your life?
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