The Magic with Santa Experience!

🎶 🎶  Here comes Santa Claus,

🎶 🎶  Here comes Santa Claus...

This is the Christmas experience that will warm your hearts for years to come.  After the children meet Santa, they get to spend quality time with him.  Santa will look their names up in the Nice Book. The kiddies will be surprised to hear the names of parents, grandparents, and siblings being read from the NIce book, as well as their own names!

Together they will review Christmas gifts past, listen to Santa read a holiday book to them, share cookies and milk.  And when their time is over and they've hugged Santa goodbye, there is one last surprise - Santa's bag!  Each child will come away with a small gift from Santa.

If you're selected for an invitation, you will receive a list explaining how to prepare for the Magic with Santa portrait session.

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