I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE words and sentences.  I was the "sentence diagramming queen" in school!

I experience an absurd level of insomnia which provides a great reason for night and sunrise photography.

Stale Peeps® are my kryptonite.

I believe we all have an infinite capacity to challenge ourselves.

Two of the most powerful words are "what if".  "What if" is the stimulus for exploration, be it in mountain climbing, deep ocean diving, art, careers, spirituality, personal growth...the possibilities are endless!  "What if" is a creative gold mine.

An experiment is in progress nearly every time I pick up a paint brush or snap a shutter.  I am always asking, "What if...."

Here's the formal version

Rebecca LaChance PhD, is a photographer, mentor and teacher. After several long careers in health care, she dedicated herself to sharing the power of art and launched Rebecca LaChance Art & Photography. She advocates for artists starting creative businesses and encourages them to "start where you are, use what you have".  When she's not writing about photography or photographing women of great soul, she enjoys trading science/nerd humor with her husband, a fellow scientist.

Things I am proud of...(in no particular order)

  • Education included working as a nursing attendant at age 16 to pay my way through future schooling.

  • Practiced as a Registered Nurse as I worked my way from an AAS in Nursing to a Ph.D. in Health of the Community/Health Policy (with a minor in Health Economics). Yes, I am a wonk! Analyzing data is like solving a giant puzzle.

  • Worked in every aspect of nursing from clinical work, intensive care nursing, taught all levels of nursing education, academia, management, research, local/state/federal levels, private alternative healing practice.

  • Named three times in the history of the United States Army Nurse Corps. (I was one of the first 2 nurses to break the "physician barrier" for the Walter Reed Medical Research Fellowship.)

  • Children and grandchildren (oooh, I love to hug those kidlets).

  • Traveled to some exotic places and met some beautiful people.

  • Studied with Spiritual Leaders around the world.

Art CV

- Studied iconography with various international Masters for 10 years.

- Self-directed learning for photography.  Selected workshops and teachers for their expertise in various areas of photography to include Adam Marelli, John Paul Caponigro, Carolyn Mendelsohn Eaglesham, Larry Hersberger, Corinne Alavekios. Steve Saporito, Sterling Hoffman, (and others).

- Awarded over 400+ photography awards by photography peers via

- Group art exhibits; Artomatic Frederick 2011, 2013, 2016

- Solo exhibitions; Spin the Bottle, 2015; Thurmont Thespian Theater, 2015;

- Selected for permanent Gallery Exhibition; Main Street Center, Thurmont, MD 2015-present.

- Solo Gallery Exhibiton; Frederick Chamber of Commerce, Jan-Feb. 2016.

- Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraits Studio opened February, 2017.

- Juried exhibitions at Crestview Women's Health Center, 2015, 2016, 2017.

- Joint Exhibition with Rebecca Pearl: Women and Horses, Artist Angle Gallery, Frederick, MD. 2017

- Conceived the idea and sponsored the "Inspired by the Masters - Cézanne" exhibition. Artist Angle Gallery, Frederick, MD 2018


Cover photo; Gateway Newspaper Informational; October, 2017 issue 1