Your Portrait Experience

This experience is all about you! The first thing we want to do is get to know you so we can truly capture the essence of who you are, as an individual or as a family. We believe every family, and each individual within that family is unique. Therefore, we are purposeful as we delve into uncovering each personality and relationship within the family.

+ Portrait Consultation
You will be invited to the gallery where we can get to know each other. This will give you the opportunity to express your personality, preferences, concerns and those special qualities that make you and your loved ones unique. Together, we'll plan your portrait session and finalize clothing choices. You are welcome to bring magazine pictures or Pinterest mood boards as the starting point for our planning.

It is the perfect atmosphere for envisioning how to make your dream a reality. There is time to browse through the gallery at your own pace and consider the possibilities for your portraits. Together we will develop an artistic direction based on what kind of portraits you prefer, what locations or settings might help tell your story, and how and where your portraits will be displayed when they are finished. We'll discuss proper clothing choices, locations, timing, unique challenges and any concerns you might have related to the portraits or the experience.

✦ Location Preview (for on-locations portrait sessions, only)
After the consultation, Rebecca will visit your chosen session location and make initial decisions as to where and how the portraits will be created.

✦ Portrait Session
Regardless if your portrait occurs in the studio or on location, your session will be a relaxing and enjoyable time.  Rebecca schedules only one portrait session per day so your portrait session will not be rushed.  You will have the full attentions of Rebecca and her staff.


The big reveal! This is the exciting part…this is what all the hard work and preparation has been leading up to! Your portraits will be revealed to you in a cinematic presentation. Together, we will design timeless Art pieces to be displayed throughout your home, to be treasured for generations to come.

This is the day you will purchase your wall art. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

You and your loved ones can now enjoy the custom artwork each day and be reminded of your unique story and the love you have for one another.


You will be notified when your completed portraits arrive and are ready for you to take home.  But wait!  This is a big moment so you are welcome to bring guests and we'll have a celebration.  You deserve to share this exciting moment with all  your friends!