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This is Thurmont Coffee Table Book

Currently accepting nominations for people to be featured in the historic This is Thurmont Coffee Table Book to benefit local animal rescue organizations. We're SO excited about the impact your story is going to make right in our community! Take a moment to fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly. We can't wait to hear the story of you!

Let us discover and capture the story of you. We are now booking sessions to include your stories in our 2019 THIS IS THURMONT Coffee Table Book

Your $100 booking fee will be donated back to the local animal rescue organization you select once you've completed your photographic experience.

The best stories will be compiled to create the 2019 THIS IS THURMONT Coffee Table Book! All profits from book sales are also donated back to local animal rescue organizations.

Who can be included in this historic coffee table book?

  • artists of all types; painters, sculptors, potters, singers, dancers, actors, musicians, poets, authors

  • historians and historic residents

  • animal rescues

  • horse stables, horse owners

  • volunteers

  • first responders

  • celebrities from Thurmont

  • environmentalists, scientists

  • social activists

  • farmers, vintners, orchardists,

  • inventors

  • inspirational people

  • athletes

  • did we forget anyone?

Thank you so much for your  interest in becoming a partner with the #THISISTHURMONT Coffee Table Book.

Here are the 5 basic steps of your THIS IS THURMONT experience.

  1. Request your story be featured using the form on this page.

  2. Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraits will connect with you to answer any questions and provide you additional details of the project.

  3. We will then assist you in booking your photography session with Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraits.

  4. Rebecca LaChance Artistic Portraits will then treat you to their complete one of a kind photographic experience. Starting with Discovery and all the way through your photography reveal.  You will even have the opportunity to discover what a fine art photographic display of you could bring to your life.

  5. Join us in December 2019 for the official book launch and to purchase your copy of this year’s THIS IS THURMONT Coffee table book.